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After successfully operating the Jabiru UL-D for over 15 years, Watsonfly has recently upgraded to the Pipistrel ALPHA training aircraft.

The New Pipirstrel ALPHA Trainer, combines comfort with all the latest technology, including; Ballistic Parachute Rescue System, Automatic EPIB System, Artificial Horizon, Transponder and with a glide ratio of 20 to 1 it is arguably one of the safest training aircraft in the country.

It is a two-seat composite 3-axis aircraft which combines high quality with high-tech manufacturing. Powered by the Rotax 912 80 HP engine it burns only 9.5 litres of ordinary mogas fuel per hour. Being such an economical trainer, these savings are passed on to you, making your training more cost effective.

While some may question whether 80 hp is enough, those familiar with Pipistrel know that their designs maximize performance with the given power. The 80 hp engine powers the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer to a respectable, Cessna 172 cruise speed of 108 knots (200km/h) and will achieve very short take-off distance and climb rates of over 1000 fpm.

For more information regarding the ALPHA trainer, visit the manufactures website here.

You can also download the full POH for our ALPHA trainer here.

Download “Pipistrel ALPHA LS-550 POH” ALPHA-Trainer-LSA-550-POH-R8.pdf – Downloaded 31 times – 4 MB



A video says it all these days!

Here are a few videos to show you what flying a Pipistrel is all about.

Note: this video includes manoeuvres and recovery from unusual attitudes and are part of flight testing requirements.

(Excerpt taken from youtube video – Michael Coates)


Youtube Instructional videos.

Note: these videos are purely provided for personal interest only. Techniques and procedures demonstrated are not associated with Watsonfly Flight Training.