Trial Flights

Flying isn’t for everyone, but there is no better way to find out than to give it a go!


Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer

A 30min trial flight will take you over some of Far North Queensland most scenic locations, including spectacular coastline views, rainforest covered mountains and not to mention a birds-eye view of the Johnstone River and nearby Innisfail Township.

Whether you are looking for a new adventure for yourself or someone else, a trial flight is the place to start. No medicals, no forms, no memberships are required to get your off the ground and into the air. All you need is a little bit of good weather and to show up.

Chief Flying Instructor, Ron Watson, has been training people to fly since 1998 and with a recent upgrade to the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer (Far North Queensland’s newest training aircraft), you are not only in safe hands but will be flying in one of Australia’s most technologically advanced training aircraft.

Cost: $120.00 AUD for one person (discount rate available for two)

You can even bring your own GoPro and capture your flight from our secure wing mount! 

Or just bring your camera and take advantage of the ‘helicopter’ side windows, which are excellent for photography.



Trial flights available all year round,
contact us to book in your flight.

Interested in spreading your wings?




Still have a few questions before taking the next step?

Check out our FAQs below.



The minimum hours required to obtain your certificate is 20 hours. It is important to note that consistent/regular flying will aid in keeping hours to a minimum to achieve your certificate. Most students become competent, safe operators and achieve their rating in under 25 hours.
You will need to hold a valid drivers license or have a medical equivalent. Young students that do not have a drivers license, are required to visit their doctor to obtain a medical certificate.
You will be required to purchase a Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) book or similar publication to aid your study for a ground exam. As there are many on the market, recommendations as to which publication to purchase will be advised on enquiry. Additionally, a Pilots Logbook is available through the school for $35.00 to legally track hours obtained toward your certificate.
The flying school operates all year round, however the latter half of the year generally provides more favorable weather for flying in the Far North Queensland region.
You can take a trial flight as young as you like, however it is recommended the minimum age to commence your training is 14 years. The RAAus (Recreation Aviation Australia) regulations require students to be at least 15 years old prior to taking their first solo flight.
Your RAAus member fee covers for personal liability and injury. Further details can be found on the RAAus website (link provided below).
Whilst we do not have any flying scholarships that are funded directly by the flying school itself, flying incentives provided by other organizations are welcomed. Past students have benefited from being awarded a Flying Scholarships and have conducted their scholarship training through Watsonfly. For more information regarding future flying scholarships through the RAAus, go to the RAAus website (link provided below).
Yes. If you can legally drive, then you can legally fly. Please contact us with regard to your condition/restriction and we will be more than happy to accommodate.
You will need to become a member of RAAus and spend a minimum of 5 hours training at an authorized RAAus flying school in an RAAus aircraft. Watsonfly is an authorized school with RAAus and operates the Pipistrel ALPHA aircraft, a light sport category aircraft (a recognized RAAus aircraft).
Your pilots certificate, along with a cross county endorsement will allow you to fly just about anywhere in Australia, provided you remain outside of controlled airspace.

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